Caregiver satisfaction research using the FAMCARE questionnaire at the Palliative Care Services, Tata Memorial Centre.

Patient and Survivor Care
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J Clin Oncol 28, 2010 (suppl; abstr e19685)
B. Duraisamy, M. A. Muckaden, M. Dighe, S. Chandorkar, S. Dhumal, K. Midigiri, J. Kanakraj, M. Marathe; Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India

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Background: We at the palliative care services (PCS), TMC wanted to study the feasibility of using the FAMCARE questionnaire which indicates the satisfaction levels of patients/caregivers with the services they receive. Methods: 88 Mumbai patients, registered with the PCS [mean period registration - 5.7 months; min 1; max 18 months] and currently on regular follow up [mean number of follow-up visits - 11.8; min 2, max 47] were accrued for the study. The FAMCARE scale was translated to Marathi and the translations were validated by back translations to English and necessary changes were made till the questionnaire was deemed satisfactory. The primary care givers, who consented orally, were interviewed, over the phone and the responses were recorded and analyzed. Results: 59 valid responses were analyzed (22 males; 37 females, mean age 53.4 years). The mean symptom score was 6.6 (min 0, max 17) at presentation. 10 (17%) received extra help/aid. Maximum dissatisfaction (D) was with Q14 - time to diagnosis 24% (14) followed by Q4- information on side effects 12% (7), Q16 - information on pain management 10% (6), Q1- pain control 8.5% (5 patients), and Q13- coordination of care 8.5% (5 patients). None of them were very dissatisfied (VD) with any of the services. Conclusions: FAMCARE questionnaire is a simple audit tool and can be used to study the satisfaction levels of Indian cancer patient. The results reveal aspects of care which are not satisfactory to patients/care givers, especially pain control.